Letter writing party

Thank you so much for volunteering to host a letter writing party! This is an excellent way to bring your community together around a great cause.

In the links below, you will find the steps and resources you need to plan and execute and wonderful volunteer event. The idea of a letter witting party is to bring a group of like-minded people together to write letters advocating for animal welfare. Letter writing is an impactful way of effecting change. It has been estimated that a handwritten letter is 100 times as impactful as a petition signature - it’s just much more personal.

Hosting a letter writing party magnifies the impact of this campaigning tool. It gives us many more letters, is also brings people together and provides in-person education to them. So not only will they have taken a meaningful volunteer action, but they will have met likeminded people and learnt more about protecting animals!

For this reason, they can be great socializing and networking opportunities. So how do you go about setting up an event like this? We’re here to help! While each event will be different, the checklist below provides an easy step-by-step guide that anyone can follow to success.

You can also roll this into an existing event: If you already have something planned, then you can save yourself some prep and include letter writing as part of that.

Letter writing can also be part of a family gathering.  Family members of any age participate, in fact letters from children can sometimes prove the most impactful. Not only that, but it’s a great opportunity to educate younger members of your family about caring for animals!

If you are organizing an event from scratch, we recommend starting to plan your party around 5-6 weeks out, so that you have time to get everything ready.

We also recommend registering your party with us so that we can track volunteer actions and provide support as needed. Email us at info@worldanimalprotection.us or simply track your party attendance with our online sign-in sheet.

To make your party planning as smooth as possible, we've put together the following tools for you to use! FYI - you don’t need to follow all of these steps, think of them as suggestions for things you can do to make your party great! Now, let's get this party started.

Party planning tools

World Animal Protection - Writing for Animal Welfare - Letter Writing Tools
World Animal Protection - Writing for Animal Welfare - Letter Writing Tools

Once you've got your timeline squared away and your RSVPs rolling in, it's time to gather resources for your party! Below you'll find a letter template to hand out to your guests to get things going as well as a letter writing checklist to ensure the process is stress-free!

Missing something? Feel free to shoot us an email at info@worldanimalprotection.us and we'll be happy to assist.

Letter writing tools

African grey parrot - World Animal Protection - Wildlife. Not pets
World Animal Protection - Writing for Animal Welfare - Letter Writing Tools
Raise Pigs Right - World Animal Protection