A mother penguin protecting her baby.

Give from a Donor-Advised Fund

Make a world of difference for animals with a grant from your Donor-Advised Fund.

Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) are investment accounts for the sole purpose of supporting charitable organizations. If you have a DAF, you can use the below secure DAF-giving tool to help animals when needed.

DAFs allow you to see immediate tax benefits from your contributions and then pass them along to charity at opportune moments later. By recommending a grant from your DAF to World Animal Protection, you can join us in protecting countless animals.

The button below will direct you to our free DAF tool that integrates with your DAF custodian automatically and saves you the extra step of notifying us about your gift.

Give from your DAF

You can contact us with this information, or any additional questions, at:

Phone: (646) 783-2200

Email: info@worldanimalprotection.us

It’s always a good idea to consult a financial advisor to understand your specific tax liability before donating to charity.

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