Inside of a factory farm.

Investigations and Research

We conduct powerful investigations, research, and corporate rankings to support individuals, companies, and governments to make transformational change that protects animals from exploitation.

Dolphins being fed at a marine park

Field Work

On the ground documentation of exploitation and damage caused by specific industries or companies.

An elephant at Amer Fort with tourists on their back

Making Misery: How GetYourGuide Profits From Animal Cruelty


An exposé detailing some of the worst animal venues that GetYourGuide sells to.

Dolphins perform at a venue in Thailand tied to Taiji-caught dolphins.

Waves of Profit


Learn how the tourism industry profits from dolphin hunting in Taiji, Japan.

Monkeys huddled together in captivity.

Bred for Profit


Exploring the truth about global wildlife farming.

Chained tiger cub in a tourist venue

Paradise Lost


Behind the horrors of wildlife tourism in Bali.

Forest fires in  SINOP Municipality, Brazil

Profiting from Cruelty and Killing our Planet


An investigation with Reporter Brasil into environmental and human rights abuses connected to meat giant JBS.

Water sampling outside factory farm.

Antibiotic Resistance in the Environment


Documenting the presence of superbug genes in the streams and soils near factory pig farms in the US.

grocery store meat aisle

US Pork and Superbug Crisis


Demonstrating the presence of multi-drug resistant bacteria on pork products purchased from two major US grocery chains.

Orca in captivity.

The Show Can’t Go On


Exposing the suffering of captive wild animals forced to perform at zoos and aquariums.

Otters in Asia

Trending: Otters as Pets in Southeast Asia


An online and on-the-ground investigation into the suffering of otters kept as pets for social media trends.

Turkish Airlines: it must act to stop parrot poaching

Wild at Heart


Uncovering the role of Turkish Airlines in the cruel global trade of wild animals sold as pets.

A chained monkey at a tourist attraction in Bali.

Wildlife Abusement Parks


Investigating wildlife entertainment tourism in Bali, Lombok, and Gili Trawangan.

A jaguar hangs with its feet tied to a long branch.

Uncovering a Secret Slaughter


Suriname’s jaguar trade exposed.


Suffering at Scale


Investigating pangolin hunting in Assam, India.

Tourists ride an elephant in Thailand.

Taken for a Ride


The conditions for elephants used in tourism in Asia.

Tourists holding sea turtles at Cayman Turtle Centre.

The Cayman Turtle Farm


An investigation and continued case for change for a cruel tourist attraction.

Tiger selfie

Tiger Selfies Exposed


A portrait of Thailand’s tiger entertainment industry.

Broiler chickens on a factory farm.

Exposing the Secret Suffering


Documenting the suffering of chickens raised for meat in factory farms in Europe.

Our Popeyes campaign truck in New Orleans.


Ranking companies and governments on their commitment to advancing the protection of animals.

A sloth in a cage looking at the camera.

Tracking the Travel Industry


Which travel companies are fueling wildlife exploitation?

A person holding a breakfast sandwich.

Moving the Menu


Ranking the US’s largest restaurant chains on their commitment to more humane and sustainable menus.

A pig bites at cage bars in a factory farm.

Quit Stalling


Ranking companies on how they’re keeping, or not keeping, promises to protect mother pigs from suffering.

Collage of various animals.

Animal Protection Index


Our Animal Protection Index ranks countries based on their laws protecting animals and exposes the drastic need for change in the United States.

Cow looking at camera.

The Business Benchmark for Farm Animal Welfare


The leading global measure on whether companies are protecting farmed animals.

A sea turtle is tangled in ghost gear underwater.

Ghosts Beneath the Waves, 2nd Edition


Scoring fish and seafood companies on their policies to address ghost gear, a global threat to marine wildlife.

Ghost gear beach clean - World Animal Protection - Animals in the wild

Ghosts Beneath the Waves, 1st Edition


Scoring fish and seafood companies on their policies to address ghost gear, a global threat to marine wildlife.

An elephant being touched by tourists.

Associated with Cruelty


How travel trade associations are ignoring wild animal abuse.

Plant-based proteins.

Business Cases

Providing the economic benefits that can be realized by protecting animals and investing in sustainable solutions.

A spread of plant-based foods.

The Business Case for Protein Diversification


Updated overview of the economic benefits of restaurants adding plant-based items to their menus.

A variety of plant foods spread across a table.

The Business Case for Protein Diversification


Highlighting the economic benefits for restaurants adding plant-based items to their menus.

A group of pigs.

Thought Leadership

Setting the goals and priorities for global systems transformation.

Chimp behind a fence looking at the camera.

Devastating Deals


How Groupon rakes in profits from wild animal exploitation.

An anteater relaxing amongst the torched remains of a wildfire.

Climate Change and Cruelty


Revealing the true climate impacts of factory farming pigs and chickens.

Cow on a factory farm

The Hidden Health Impacts of Industrial Livestock Systems


Showcasing how transforming the food system is necessary for protecting human, animal, and planetary health.

Farm worker applying pesticides to crops.

Collateral Damage


How factory farming drives up the use of toxic agricultural pesticides.

Orangutan selfies in Bali

A Close Up on Cruelty


The harmful impact of wildlife selfies in the Amazon.

Snakes being sold in boxes at a pet expo.

Suffering in Silence


Highlighting the cruelty of the global trade in Ball pythons.

Sad dolphin beached in captivity.

Behind the Smile


Unpacking the multibillion-dollar dolphin entertainment industry.

Closeup on the eye of a captive tiger.

Trading Cruelty


How captive big cat farming fuels the traditional Asian medicine industry.

A bear laying in a cage, with evidence of hair loss.



The international bear bile trade.

Baby pig in a cage.

A Pig’s Tale


Exposing the facts of factory farming pigs.

A whale is entangled in ghost fishing gear.

Fishing’s Phantom Menace


How ghost fishing gear is endangering our sea life.

Two baby bears at Libearty bear sanctuary.

Scientific Research

Providing robust evidence for protecting animals from exploitation, shifting to a plant-rich food system, and keeping wild animals in the wild.

Dolphin in captivity.

The Case Against Marine Mammals in Captivity


Reviewing current knowledge of how marine mammals suffer in captivity.

Chickens in a factory farm.

Global Public Health Cost of Antimicrobial Resistance Related to Antibiotic Use on Factory Farms


Surveying the widespread ramifications of antibiotic use on factory farms.

Black bear in cage looking at the camera.

Cruel Cures


The industry behind bear bile production and how to end it.