Meet Our Ambassadors

Mya, Celebrity Ambassador


Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter and actress, first World Animal Protection US Celebrity Ambassador

Mýa lives a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle encompassing food, beauty, fashion, and home decor. She has lent her voice to various causes focused on animal advocacy, including the documentary They're Trying to Kill Us, a film that exposes racial inequality in the American food system.

As World Animal Protection’s first US Celebrity Ambassador, Mýa has used her platform to raise awareness and encourage her fans, followers, and the public to educate themselves on animal exploitation and how to end animal suffering. Mýa has been paramount in raising the profile of our plant-based food truck events in both Washington, DC, where she attended and handed out samples, as well as in New York City, recording a promotional video for the event on the dangers of factory farming urging people to reduce their meat consumption.


Mya working at the WAP food truck in DC in 2022.

Mýa at the World Animal Protection 2022 Food Truck

Nicole Williams English

Nicole Williams English

Model, fashion designer, Founder of Nia Lynn Collection, and reality TV star

Nicole Williams English’s passion for animal advocacy closely aligns with World Animal Protection’s mission to move the world to protect animals. Nicole lives a plant-based lifestyle and has made a conscious effort not to participate in activities where animals are used for entertainment.

Nicole has made it a mission in her personal life to educate her friends, family, and her more than 2.3 million social media followers about the cruelty experienced by both animals in the wild and on factory farms. Nicole has been an outspoken advocate for raising awareness for our Wildlife. Not Pets and Shutting Down Miami Seaquarium campaigns. Nicole has also visited the World Animal Protection x WCA Whale Heritage Site in Dana Point, California to promote alternative venues for exploitative wildlife entertainment.

Nicole Williams English at Dana Point, California

Nicole Williams English at World Animal Protection x WCA Whale Heritage Site in Dana Point, California