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World Animal Protection’s Plant-Based Food Truck Took DC by Storm



Washington, DC agrees–plant-based is delicious!

As part of our Meat Reduction campaign, the World Animal Protection team and US Ambassador, Mýa, in partnership with Promobile Kitchen, TiNDLE, and Hooray Foods, dished out plant-based comfort to the public in Washington, DC ahead of the holiday weekend.

World Animal Protection team in front of our food truck

It was a beautiful day at The Wharf, where we parked our shore-powered food truck and gave out close to 1,000 mouth-watering plant-based chicken and bacon sandwiches to passers-by. The fully plant-based dish, which included a pretzel bun and cabbage tossed in ranch dressing, was made with ingredients from our generous sponsors: TiNDLE’s plant-based chicken and Hooray Foods’ plant-based bacon.

World Animal Protection team in front of our food truck

People could not believe their taste buds when they tried the sandwich. Several taste testers were shocked that the “bacon” and “chicken” were truly plant-based, while others expressed how inspired they were to reduce their consumption of animal products after trying the meat-free proteins we served.

World Animal Protection team in front of our food truck

We were lucky to be joined in person by US Ambassador and Grammy-award-winning artist Mýa who lent her wonderful energy and passion to help hand out sandwiches and share the importance of transitioning our food system away from factory farming with the public.

World Animal Protection team in front of our food truck

At World Animal Protection, part of achieving our mission involves introducing the public to kinder, more sustainable food options that do not rely on animal cruelty. Through this event, we were able to show people that choosing plant-based foods doesn’t mean compromising on taste. Saving animal lives, helping the environment, and improving their personal health is tasty and rewarding. We were thrilled to witness the equal excitement from meat-eaters and vegans alike as they took their first bite.

The more people are aware that plant-based options are delicious and sustainable and incorporate them into their daily lives, the more likely we are to lower the demand for animal products, thus reducing the number of animals suffering on factory farms and the toll of factory farming on our environment and communities.

We are so thankful for the wonderful Promobile Kitchen team, who cooked and served the delectable sandwiches for more than five hours with energy, passion, and positivity.

World Animal Protection team in front of our food truck

Watch this video event recap for more and share it with your friends and family!

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