A photo collage of both wild and farmed animals.

Take Action for Animals

World Animal Protection is working through bold corporate campaigns, mass mobilization of people online and offline, and pushing policymakers to strengthen laws to end the commercial exploitation of wild animals and end factory farming.

By taking direct action to demand prohibiting cruel practices and industries we can help eliminate animal suffering and build better systems that protect them from exploitation.

Help us rewrite the story for animals!

Posters rallying against PetSmart in NYC.

Corporate campaigns

An orca at the Miami Seaquarium.

Help Us Shut Down Miami Seaquarium

Our goal is one million signatures from people around the world urging Miami Seaquarium to close its doors once and for all. Join us.

Red-eared slider turtle in a cage.

Tell PetSmart and Petco to End Animal Sales

It’s time for the two biggest pet retailers in the US to recognize that animals aren’t products and exit the cruel wildlife trade. Urge PetSmart and Petco to end animal sales.

Aerial view of deforestation.

Tell Kroger: End Habitat Loss in Your Supply Chain

Send a letter to Kroger executives urging them to expand the deforestation-free policy to all of its animal products.

Pig in a cage on a factory farm.

Urge Hormel to Protect Farmed Animals and Human Health

Join us in urging Hormel to eliminate the use of antibiotics for disease prevention in its entire supply chain.

Cows eating on a factory farm.

Tell McDonald’s: Keep Your Promises to Stop Antibiotic Overuse

Use your voice to pressure McDonald‘s to adhere to its original promise of ending antibiotic overuse in its meat production.

Broiler chickens on a factory farm.

Ask Popeyes to Add a Plant-Based Chicken Menu Item

Email Popeyes and parent company Restaurant Brands International and tell them you would love to order some plant-based chicken from Popeyes.

A person holding a breakfast sandwich.

Ask Dunkin’ to Bring Back Plant-Based Meat Nationwide

Join us in calling on Dunkin’ to bring back a meatless breakfast option nationwide and meet the demands of its customers.

Cows in restraints on a factory farm.

Tell Food Companies to Do Better for Animals and the Planet

Sign our petition calling on the largest players in the food industry to commit to reducing their sourcing of animal products by 25% by 2030.

Cow on a factory farm

Policy campaigns

Dairy cows in a factory farm.

Help Ban Factory Farming: Urge Your Legislators to Support the Farm System Reform Act

The Farm System Reform Act would help put a moratorium on large concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), helping to end one of the largest sources of cruelty to animals in the world.

Mink in a cage.

Urge Your Representative to Support the Mink VIRUS Act

The Mink VIRUS Act (HR 3783) would end mink farming in the US and create a one-year phaseout for mink farms and a grant program to help operators transition out of the industry.

Chickens in a factory farm.

Don’t Let Meat Companies Manipulate Congress

The meat industry lobby has turned to its allies in Congress in a desperate attempt to protect its cruel practices and keep factory farming entrenched in our food system.

Monkeys in cage sad.

Help Bring Animal Abusers to Justice

Help bring animals the justice they deserve. Ask your US Senators and Representative to cosponsor the Better CARE for Animals Act.

A spread of plant-based foods.

Tell Congress to Fund Farmers, Not Factories

Join us in supporting the PLANT Act’s inclusion in the 2023 Farm Bill to promote a sustainable, innovative, and prosperous plant-based food industry and support the farmers growing our plant-based foods.

Bear in cage.

Support the Animal Welfare Enforcement Improvement Act

In the US, sick elephants suffer for years without veterinary care, highly social lemurs are kept isolated, and bears are held in rusty cages. Protect these animals by asking your US representative to cosponsor this bill.

Bearded dragon looking at the camera.

Learn How to Advocate for Laws in Your Community Banning the Sale of Wild Animals

Local change matters, which is why we need your help! Make a difference by cutting off a major supplier of wild animals—pet stores.

Several pigs in a cage in a factory farm.

Demand the FDA Take Action to Reduce the Use of Antimicrobials on Factory Farms

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or superbugs, are emerging on factory farms from the overuse of antibiotics. Those superbugs are entering our food chain and our environment and, when passed to people, make us less able to fight disease.

Two people riding an elephant.

Personal change

Parrot in cage.

Wildlife. Not Pets Pledge

Each year, millions of wild animals are captured from their natural habitats or bred in captivity just to be kept as pets. But wild animals can’t thrive in human homes.

A man taking a photo with an orangutan in Bali, Indonesia.

The Wildlife Selfie Code

If you’re going on a trip, remember the Wildlife Selfie Code. Only take photos if you’re a safe distance from an animal, they can move freely, and they’re in their natural home.

Kids activity book hero image.

Wild Animals Aren’t Pets!—Kid’s Activity Book

World Animal Protection’s activity book Wild Animals Aren’t Pets! explains why wild animals belong in the wild—and should never be purchased at a pet store.


Plant-Powered Changemakers

Explore resources for reducing your meat consumption and connect with other Changemakers on their plant-powered journeys.

Garden for Wildlife plants on a person's doorstep.

Shop at Garden for Wildlife and Save Animals

World Animal Protection has partnered with Garden for Wildlife to help save wildlife around the world and in our own backyards.

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More ways to get involved

A mother and baby cow in a field.

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