Tourists riding elephants

Urge GetYourGuide to Stop Selling to Cruel Wildlife Venues

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Help us stop emerging travel company GetYourGuide from selling tickets to cruel venues where dolphins, elephants, and monkeys are exploited for profit.

Berlin-based travel company GetYourGuide is ramping up its presence in the US and with that comes a laundry list of experiences to venues where wild animals are exploited for profit  

GetYourGuide is selling tickets to some of the cruelest businesses in the world including SeaWorld, fake elephant “sanctuaries” in Thailand where elephants are forced to entertain visitors, and Monkeyland, a venue where monkeys are harassed by tourists  

It’s already begun advertising on television and online and has big plans to grow hoping you will become its newest customers. Before GetYourGuide becomes a well-known brand here in the US, we must stop them in their tracks. 

Send an email to corporate executives now and urge the company to adopt a public animal welfare policy and to stop profiting from wild animals once and for all.