Monkey with a collar chain around his neck.

Ending Wildlife Exploitation

Wild animals have a right to a wild life. Millions of wild animals are taken from their homes or bred in captivity each year to be exploited at tourist attractions, sold in pet stores, or killed for their body parts.

Marine mammals are held captive in tanks and forced to perform tricks for audiences. Reptiles, birds, amphibians, and small mammals are bred in warehouses where death and injury are seen as the cost of doing business to keep shelves stocked at pet stores. Globally, cruel industries such as big cat cub petting, elephant riding, bear bile farming, and trophy hunting persist.

We know change is possible. We are working to transform the systems that exploit, harm, and commercialize wild animals and fight to keep them in the wild where they belong.

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Recent wins

Arlington, Massachusetts Bans the Sale of Fishes in Pet Stores!


In May, Arlington, Massachusetts banned the sale of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes in pet stores.

Liz Cabrera Holtz

Victory! Allentown, PA Bans the Sale of Guinea Pigs


In March, Allentown, Pennsylvania became the latest city to ban the sale of guinea pigs in pet stores.

Liz Cabrera Holtz

Octopus Farms: Washington State Bans, California Introduces Legislation


Opening octopus farms has been an idea popping up around the world and now some states are preemptively banning this cruel practice.

Julie Cappiello

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Direct Intervention

We identify opportunities to aid animals affected by disasters, rescue animals from suffering and harm, and work with partner sanctuaries around the world who are caring for rescued animals.

“Adopt, Don’t Shop” Shouldn’t Have Exceptions

We’re asking pet stores to stop selling animals because of the cruelty and suffering that occurs when animals are bred for profit.

Wildlife-Friendly Travel

Explore tips and information on responsible, animal-friendly travel, including our global Wildlife Heritage Areas program and global travel campaigns.