Chickens in a factory farm.

Don’t Let Meat Companies Manipulate Congress

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With your support and actions over the past several years, we have helped many states pass new laws banning the confinement of egg-laying hens, mother pigs, and baby cows in tiny crates and cages.

The validity of these laws was recently upheld by the Supreme Court’s defense of California’s farmed animal protection laws against industry attack. However, the meat industry lobby has turned to its allies in Congress in a desperate attempt to protect its cruel practices and keep factory farming entrenched in our food system.

The newly introduced “Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression” Act would wipe out state laws that have established important protections for chickens, pigs, and baby cows. Our efforts over the years to ban cages and crates would be completely undone! Alarmingly, the language of the law is broad enough to also potentially overturn hundreds of other state animal cruelty protections, such as puppy mills and cosmetic testing.

Animals need our help. Help us stand against this harmful bill.

  • Send a message with one-click to your two senators and your representative letting them know that you will not stand for this dangerous bill and demand they oppose it as well.
  • After taking our email action, follow up with a phone call to your legislators' office