Tokitae at Miami Seaquarium.

Help Us Shut Down Miami Seaquarium

On August 18, 2023, Tokitae, the orca held captive at Miami Seaquarium, tragically passed away before she could return home to the Salish Sea. Her death was unexpected and a huge blow to everyone rooting for her. For decades and against all the odds, Tokitae survived in cruel captivity while being forced to perform for tourists. Up until her dying day, Miami Seaquarium failed her.

Tokitae wasn’t the first animal to die at Miami Seaquarium, and sadly she likely won’t be the last. There are still dolphins, manatees, sea lions, and other animals who continue to live in cruel and unnatural conditions, exploited for profit.

As one of the oldest dolphinariums in the United States, rife with endless animal welfare violations and rampant animal cruelty, it’s time the venue shut down, send its animals to sanctuaries, and end its exploitation of wild animals for good.

Our goal is one million signatures from people around the world urging Miami Seaquarium to close its doors once and for all. Join us.

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