Do you really know what’s on your plate?

Absent from restaurant menus and labels, and hidden from the public eye, is an appalling catalogue of suffering imposed on billions of factory-grown chickens. Painful skin, heart, lung and bone conditions and unimaginable stress are some of the issues experienced by chickens forced to live in dismal conditions as they are bred to grow unnaturally big, unnaturally quickly.

Fried, roasted, pureed, grilled, and chopped… chickens appear both obviously and invisibly in food. Their mass production is one of the biggest animal suffering issues in the world.

A 7-day-old meat chicken stands in a commercial indoor farming system

You are what you eat

Crammed together in barren sheds, chickens are forced to spend prolonged amounts of time around their own waste, which can cause painful sores and burns.

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KFC, one of the world’s largest fast-food chains, has the power to help end the secret suffering of billions of chickens.

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The high concentration of ammonia in the air means that the chickens can suffer from breathing difficulties.

And with so many animals packed into a single shed, disease can spread rapidly.

Factory-grown chickens suffer for much of their short lives before ending up on the plates of customers who are often completely unaware of the horrific conditions they’ve experienced.

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Consumers have the power to move the world for animals. People just like you have influenced major corporates, including Nestle and McDonald’s, to pledge to use eggs from cage-free hens. Together, we can also improve the welfare of meat chickens.

Higher-welfare indoor systems are already in use. These kinder systems mean slower-growing birds with more space and natural light to allow for a better quality of life.

We want KFC, one of the world’s biggest fast-food companies, to be a true global leader and support the welfare of chickens.

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*Please note, the films and images on this page illustrate the conditions at one of many typical industrial indoor chicken farms, and does not reflect a supplier to any particular fast food outlet

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