Protecting animals in Africa

We work with governments and institutions to protect animals. Through education we help people to live peacefully with the animals that share their lives

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Protecting dogs in Zanzibar

We protect animals in the greatest need and on the largest scale. In Zanzibar we partner with the national rabies elimination project team to eliminate rabies from the country. On Unguja Island, Zanzibar we have already vaccinated 90% of dogs, this has resulted in:

  • 75% drop of rabies cases in livestock
  • 90% drop of rabies cases in cats and dogs
  • 65% drop in dog bite cases
  • No more cases of rabies in people

Moving governments to protect dogs

Our team of veterinary experts work with governments on delivering comprehensive national strategies to end the inhumane culling of dogs. Together with local authorities and partners we:

  • Develop programs that humanely vaccinate dogs against rabies
  • Train local vets in animal welfare best practice
  • Develop government-backed education and awareness campaigns for communities.

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Living with Elephants in Tanzania

Wild elephants like to eat sweet maize and watermelons growing in local farmer’s crops. People commonly resort to inhumane tactics such as poisoned meat, spear-traps, pesticides in watermelons or arsenic in waterholes to protect livelihoods. 

We work with people who live alongside elephants, to become their defenders and to secure their survival. Using a combination of chilli fences and bee hives we work with communities to create natural barriers that stop elephants from entering or destroying farms. 

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