KFC: Commit to the Better Chicken Commitment

As the most farmed animals, chickens are suffering by the hundreds of millions in factory farms in the US. We passionately believe that we must do more to improve the truly terrible conditions they are kept in and that common-sense solutions are available that benefit animals, farmers, and the public.

Sadly, large corporations that provide animal products don’t always see it that way.

Will you join us in asking KFC to make a commitment for better chicken welfare?

Act now — it's easy!

Send an email to KFC's CEO, Tony Lowings, by filling out the form on this page. An email will be sent on your behalf urging KFC to sign on to the Better Chicken Commitment in the US as it has done for several other countries and commit to sourcing chicken raised with more space, better light, enriched environments, and healthier growth


Want to do even more?

Here are some additional actions you can take to help alleviate the suffering of chickens around the world 


1. Tweet KFC

  • We need KFC to hear us loud and clear: they MUST make a change to improve the welfare of chickens in their supply chain.
  • With over 1.4 million Twitter followers, this is a crucial space to make our message visible and to let the public know that KFC is failing chickens.
  • Tweet at @KFC now by clicking the button below to speak up for chickens around the world. The below tweet will auto-populate to make it even easier to make an impact.

Better Chicken Commitment Tweet

Tweet KFC now

2. Submit a formal complaint to KFC

  • Head to the contact form on the KFC website and send them a message demanding that they make a change for chickens.
  • Feel free to copy and paste one of the below sample messages or use them as a guide to personalize your own:
    • Chickens are the most intensively farmed land animal on the planet. The US raises nearly 9 billion chickens for meat each year, the majority of which are housed in cramped, barren conditions. We demand KFC do better, adopt the Better Chicken Commitment in the US now!
    • KFC signed on to the Better Chicken Commitment in the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden, committing to more space, improved enrichment, and healthier breeds. We deserve the same integrity in the US. KFC, adopt the Better Chicken Commitment in the US now!
    • I am urging KFC to adopt the Better Chicken Commitment in the US. It will improve the lives of millions of chickens nationwide each year and prevent the company from lagging behind competitors like Popeye’s on providing the higher welfare proteins their customers demand. KFC, adopt the Better Chicken Commitment in the US now!

3. Sign our Higher Welfare Chicken Pledge

  • By signing the pledge, you will help improve the lives of smart, curious, and kind birds. We are encouraging supporters to purchase only higher-welfare chicken and to reduce their chicken consumption all around. Join our community of compassionate animal lovers now!

4. Share this action with your friends & family!

  • Help spread the word by letting your network know that NOW is the time to demand change for this fast-food giant.

Demand KFC adopt the Better Chicken Commitment