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Aap in kooi
The global trade of wild animals is cruel and puts our health and the world economy at risk. We demand that the leaders of the G20 commit to a global wildlife trade ban. Forever.
Help prevent future pandemics by supporting legislation to end the trade of wildlife for human consumption.
Mães porcas em gaiolas de gestação na pecuária industrial intensiva
Demand the FDA take action to reduce the use of antimicrobials on factory farms
A chained tiger resting with their head on their paws
The Big Cat Public Safety Act will help end the cruelty lions, tigers, cougars, leopards, and jaguars endure while in captivity.
african grey parrot
Each year, millions of wild animals are poached from their habitats to become exotic pets. Learn how we’re fighting this trade.
Sign our pledge to demand better conditions for pigs, reduce your pork consumption, and purchase meat from high-welfare producers.
It doesn't take much to improve the lives of the 60 billion chickens farmed each year. See how you can help.
Wildlife. Not Entertainers Pledge
Stand with World Animal Protection in asking the travel industry and governments to end the exploitation of wildlife.
Tourist holding sloth in Brazil - World Animal Protection
Commit to our Wildlife Selfie Code today, and help filter out cruel wildlife selfies.
What is the reducetarian lifestyle? | World Animal Protection
Help animals, the environment, and your health by reducing your meat consumption.
Dunkin Impossible breakfast sandwich
Join us in calling on Dunkin’ to bring back a meatless breakfast option nationwide and meet the demands of its customers.
Dolphins in the wild - World Animal Protection
The future of tourism is wildlife-friendly: It's time to build a more sustainable industry, together.
Monkeys at a wildlife market in Bali. There's a chain on their neck and they are sitting on top of metal cages.
Industry leaders, influential individuals: help us end the global wildlife trade and protect millions of wild animals around the world
Pigs in gestation crates
Are Companies Keeping Their Promises on Sow Welfare? New Report Shows Few Likely Are.
Piglet behind metal bars on a factory farm
Urge your legislators to support the Farm System Reform Act
Frangos brancos amontoados em um sistema de criação intensiva
Will you join us in asking KFC to make a commitment for better chicken welfare?
Pigs swimming after Hurricane Florence
Help protect vulnerable animals before disasters strike. Sign our petition to urge state governments to act now!
A dish of plant-based chick'n nuggets
Urge KFC to add plant-based chicken to the menu