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african grey parrot
Each year, millions of wild animals are poached from their habitats to become exotic pets. Learn how we’re fighting this trade.
Sign our pledge to demand better conditions for pigs, reduce your pork consumption, and purchase meat from high-welfare producers.
It doesn't take much to improve the lives of the 60 billion chickens farmed each year. See how you can help.
Wildlife. Not Entertainers Pledge
Stand with World Animal Protection in asking the travel industry and governments to end the exploitation of wildlife.
Tourist holding sloth in Brazil - World Animal Protection
Commit to our Wildlife Selfie Code today, and help filter out cruel wildlife selfies.
What is the reducetarian lifestyle? | World Animal Protection
Help animals, the environment, and your health by reducing your meat consumption.
US Pork Superbug Crisis | World Animal Protection
We found superbugs in pork sold at Walmart stores in the U.S. Act now.
UPS - Animal Cruelty - World Animal Protection
Thousands of animals are dying due to the exotic pet trade. UPS is contributing to this cruelty. Help us end it.
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The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums is allowing wild animals to suffer. Demand that the enact and enfore stricter animal welfare guildelines for their members.
A lioness with cubs in the Mara Masaai Reservation, Kenya
Learn practical steps you can take on vacation to prevent animals suffering.
Læs om de forskellige måder du kan give et bidrag til vores arbejde på.
A simple checklist so you can make sure you are ready to protect your pets during a disaster.
sloth, Brazil
Help move the world for animals through educational demonstrations, signature gathering, writing projects, and more.