Moving the world for pigs

By 2020, we aim to improve the lives of 175 million pigs every year, by alleviating the most intense suffering inflicted in the production system through close confinement and barren environments.

We’re targeting some of the largest pork producing markets across the world with a focus on China, Thailand, Brazil, and the US.

We're asking producers to stop using equipment which confines mother pigs so tightly in cages that they can’t turn around. This confinement in a cage no bigger than the average refrigerator leads to weakened muscles and a lifetime of mental suffering.

We're also asking for an end to barren environments where pigs cannot live as natural pigs would. 

Join us in protecting pigs from a lifetime of cruelty and misery of factory farms

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  • Confined: Mother pigs are cramped so tightly in cages, they can’t turn around. Their muscles wither and they become weak.
  • Mutilated: Piglets' teeth are ground or clipped, their tails are cut, and males are castrated. All in the first weeks of their lives, often without pain relief.
  • Injured: Pigs raised for meat are kept in barren pens with uncomfortable flooring. They suffer from skin lesions and disease.


No life for a pig

A life inside a cage the size of a refrigerator is no life for a pig at all. We're pushing for pigs to have the opportunity to express natural behavior and socialize, free from the confines of cages and free from painful mutilations. In order to achieve those goals, we're calling on the industry to make a change.

Do your part today by signing our Raise Pigs Right pledge. Together we can help give pigs the lives they deserve.

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