Kroger makes progress on commitment to crate-free pork supply

More States Prepare to Ban Crates



World Animal Protection, our supporters, and ally organizations are working to support a new bill (A5236/S3401) introduced in New Jersey that would ban confining pregnant pigs or calves raised for veal in tiny crates. This bill and other state anti-confinement laws are a powerful way to make progress for farmed animals.

State lawmakers in New Jersey have introduced a pair of important new bills, A5236/S3401, that would prohibit housing pregnant pigs in gestation crates or calves raised for veal in veal crates anywhere in the state. The bills place further minimum spaces requirements per animal, requiring that farmers provide at least 24 square feet per breeding pig and 43 square feet per calf. 

World Animal Protection is joining with ally animal groups and our New Jersey supporters to build momentum behind these bills in the state legislature. Many might recall that a bill to ban gestation crates for pigs was passed by state lawmakers in 2013 but sadly vetoed by then Governor Chris Christie at the last minute. The bill was passed again in 2014 and despite overwhelming support from media, veterinarians, farmers, and celebrities, Gov. Christie again vetoed. 

A5235/S3401 represent the continued persistence of New Jersey citizens, advocates, and state legislators to do right by pigs and calves. 

On February 11, our coalition hosted a virtual advocacy event, in which roughly 150 New Jersey residents met with the bills’ sponsors, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji and Senator Vin Gopal, and learned how to take action to pressure their politicians to advance these bills in this session. 

Since the event, the bills have made progress in the legislative process, and we anxiously await updates on their status while also working to support anti-confinement legislation in other key states. 

Thirteen states have some level of anti-confinement language in their state legal codes, most of which are similar to what has been proposed in New Jersey. 

graph showing legislation by state

In recent years animal groups have worked tirelessly to take state laws to the next level of farmed animal protection by helping to pass provisions banning the sale of products raised in cruelty. 

Proposition 12, passed by a public vote in California in 2018, has been a hot topic in the years since its overwhelming victory. It not only prohibits the cruel confinement of veal calves, breeding pigs, and laying hens, it sets out minimum space requirements that must be met and bans the sale statewide of any products from systems that do not meet the standards. Considering that California is the fifth largest economy in the world, its impact for animals cannot be overstated. 

Efforts by the pork industry to challenge the lawfulness of the measure have been routinely rejected by the courts. Most aspects of the law have already taken effect, and the remaining policies which further improve conditions for breeding pigs and egg-laying hens, go into effect on the first of next year. 

We are also developing initiatives to push for new laws or strengthen existing laws for laying hens, breeding pigs, and veal calves in several states in the coming years. Stay tuned for updates on initiatives that may be underway in your state. And, if you are a resident of New Jersey, take action here to contact your Assembly members and state Senator urging they sponsor and support the crate-free bills.

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