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A Victory for Farm Animals: Prop 12 Passes in California



Approval will bring an end to cages for chickens, calves, and pigs in the Golden State and beyond

On Election Day, California voters approved Proposition 12, widely regarded as the strongest measure to prevent farm animal confinement in the world. This landmark ballot initiative will create change for millions of farm animals in the US, not just in California. 

Creating momentum

We campaigned for Proposition 12 throughout October and in early November on social media, ramping up our efforts as Election Day approached - and you responded.

The help of our supporters was vital to spread the word amongst friends, family and followers. We felt good about Prop 12's chances, and we're thrilled to receive the news that voters had moved it across the finish line on Election Day.


Supporters shared support for Prop 12 widely.

What Prop 12 means for farm animals

Thanks to Proposition 12, it will now be required that all mother pigs, egg-laying hens, and veal calves farmed in California be provided with cage-free housing and even more living space by 2022.

But that’s not all. 

This also has a positive impact on farm animals outside of California as well.

Proposition 12 now requires that ALL meat sold in California from out-of-state producers must meet the same standards of in-state producers. 


An egg-laying hen on a higher welfare farm

We are incredibly honored and proud to be part of the coalition that supported this and stand alongside nearly 500 Californian veterinarians, animal shelters, California family farmers, the Center for Food Safety, and so many more amazing organizations. 

Most importantly, we want to thank each and every one of you that voted YES on Prop 12 and helped spread the word. This is a huge step forward in ending animal cruelty. Thank you for standing with us on behalf of farm animals.

To many more victories in our future! 

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