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Due to their overgrown size and the speed at which they are raised, many will suffer:

  • Painful lameness
  • Overworked hearts and lungs
  • Wounds including skin sores and burns

They have no chance to behave as they would naturally. No choice but to sit or stand in their own waste, before being slaughtered at as young as just five weeks old. 

Together we can change this.

Chickens on an RSPCA assured farm - photo courtesy of the RSPCA

Fast food is failing chickens

In our latest chicken welfare report, The Pecking Order 2020, we assessed the top global fast-food companies on their chicken welfare policies and what they're doing to improve it.

But despite making billions of dollars from chickens, we found that these companies are doing very little to protect them from the cruelty and suffering they endure on factory farms.

Hold these companies accountable

These companies have the power, and the responsibility, to improve the lives of millions of chickens every year. Help give chickens a voice by demanding that they take cruelty of their menu.

Factory farming is animal cruelty. End it.

On World Food Day, we handed in our 500,000+ signature petition to KFC's headquarters in Louisville

Too often, the reality behind the world’s favorite meat is unacceptable suffering - and the ones supporting this suffering are fast food giants like KFC, Burger King, and McDonald's.

In 2018, we started a petition challenging KFC to commit to only buying slower growing birds that have more natural light and space to keep them healthy and active. Over 500,000 of you in over 10 countries signed the petition and, on World Food Day, we handed in the petition to KFC's headquarters in Louisville.

Read our letter to KFC >

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