A child eating a healthy plant-based school lunch.

Urge Your Lawmakers to Make Plant-Based Options Available in Public Schools

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High rates of meat consumption are propping up factory farming in the US, now the predominant method of raising animals for food. Factory farming subjects billions of animals to horrific cruelty and has catastrophic impacts on the environment and the health of local communities. In addition, high meat consumption is linked to higher risks of several illnesses, while diets rich in plant-based foods may have better health outcomes.

An important new bill in New York would make it possible for students in public schools to have access to plant-based meals upon their or their guardians’ request. If passed, all public schools in New York State would be required to offer a plant-based food option as an alternative to meals or snacks upon a student or guardians’ request.

Recent estimates show that 35% of Americans are actively reducing their meat consumption. Public institutions, including several school districts, have started offering plant-based meals to accommodate this growth and drive healthy eating habits in their communities.

A301/S172 would ensure that all students in the state have access to foods that align with their values and dietary needs, adding to the growing efforts to address the dominance of factory-farmed meat. Animals raised for food in the United States are subjected to cruel confinement and mutilations. They are also given high doses of antibiotics to compensate for the stressful, disease-inducing environments in which they are raised. By offering plant-based meals in public schools, New York State can help reduce demand for factory-farmed animal products and create a shift toward a kinder, healthier, and more sustainable food system for all.

A301/S1726 would position New York as a leader in ensuring that future generations have access to meals that are better for them, for animals, and the environment.

Join us in urging the Senate and Assembly Education Committees to support A301/S1726.