A rescued sloth peeks out of a blanket.

Each year, hundreds of sloths are taken from the wild to be used as photo props for tourists. 

In the wild, sloths typically live quiet, sleepy lives. When used as props for tourist photos, they are constantly surrounded by noise and poorly handled by both guides and tourists alike. Research shows that sloths are frequently held by their claws or arms with no support at all, causing them to experience high levels of fear and stress. 

Many tourists fueling the demand for up-close encounters with sloths don’t realize the damage such activity causes to the animals involved, but we know that handling sloths can cause them stress and anxiety. It can shorten their lifespan.

You have the power to change this. 

By pledging to save sloths, you are committing to: 

  • Never take a selfie with a sloth 
  • Speak out against the global wildlife trade 
  • Support World Animal Protection’s work to protect sloths 
  • Educate friends and family on why sloths are not photo props 

Pledge now to save sloths and urge family and friends to do the same.