Baloo sits in his enclosure.

Free Baloo the Bear and Send Him to Sanctuary

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A Broken Spirit

Day after day, Baloo paces and rocks in distress, his spirit broken from over two decades of solitary confinement.

For “food,” Baloo is tossed cornflakes and lemonade. Children poke at him with sticks between his bars. Sometimes, people even give him alcohol. This isn’t the life any bear should live. It’s the only life Baloo has known

Compassionate individuals from around the world are working to send Baloo to our sanctuary, Libearty. The law is on our side. Since 2005, private individuals have been banned from possessing bears in Romania, but the ski resort owner obtained an exception. Despite this, it’s clear that Baloo’s current conditions are no life for the wild and majestic bear that he is.  

World Animal Protection’s partner bear sanctuary, Millions of Friends Association (AMP) in Libearty, Romania, is ready to care for Baloo. With 69 acres of lush woodland, meadows, and ponds, at AMP, Baloo could finally live his life in peace alongside other rescued bears.

World Animal Protection is pursuing every avenue to free Baloo.

In December 2023, World Animal Protection staff delivered our petition signed by nearly 175,000 people to the Romanian Secretary of State for Biodiversity in Bucharest and met with government staff to urge Romania to rescue Baloo. We’re now investigating legal avenues to transfer him to sanctuary.

What You Can Do:

  • Sign our petition below urging the Romanian government to transfer Baloo to our partner bear sanctuary.
  • Join our monthly giving program, the Wild Side, to provide urgent and needed funds to allow us to sustain our campaign to free Baloo. A monthly gift of any amount will help provide ongoing fuel in our fight for his freedom.
Baloo the bear in a cage.