A big cat's eye stares through a fence.

Boycott Groupon and Other Companies That Continue Selling Wildlife Entertainment

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Will you pledge not to book any activities through sites that sell wild animal entertainment?

Many of the world’s leading travel companies are exploiting animals for profit by continuing to sell tickets to captive wildlife attractions, such as dolphin shows or elephant encounters.

By offering tickets, booking sites are maintaining public demand for captive wildlife experiences and misleading travelers to believe these activities are acceptable or even beneficial for animals, when in fact they are cruel and cause lifelong harm.

With your help, we will end ticket sales to venues where dolphins, elephants, primates, and big cats suffer for entertainment and profit.

Sign our pledge and boycott Groupon and other travel companies—like GetYourGuide, TUI/Musement, and Trip.com—that have refused to stop selling captive wildlife entertainment. Until they decide to implement a robust animal welfare policy and stop selling animal cruelty, we will not support their business. 

Removed from Our Boycott

Klook, a global travel company, was previously named as a target of this action. In August 2023, Klook published an animal welfare policy and will no longer sell tickets to circuses, shows, performances, and animal photo experiences. Though the policy is not perfect, this is a huge win toward ending wildlife cruelty in the tourism industry!