Supporter Spotlight: Two minutes with 5-year-old supporter Maple


Meet Maple! A dedicated 5-year-old supporter who is giving up her Halloween candy this year to raise money for animals, Maple shares her inspirations, favorite animals and some great advice!

Parrots, otters and tortoises might seem like great pets, but they're not. Keeping them in captivity is cruel

What is your favorite animal?

A piggy and flamingo.

Why are they your favorites?

Because they're pink!

Why are you using Halloween to raise funds for animals?

Because Halloween is a great time for people to have fun. I thought, maybe, if I help animals AND have fun, I could do both at the same time!

If you could give an idea for how to help animals, what would that be?

To be nice to animals and to not throw your rubbish in the water.

Is there something else you'd like to say about why you love animals?

Yeah! I work for them. And I love animals. And I also have a dog named Keiko. And I also have a rabbit and we live next to the beach. And..yeah!

To learn more about holding your own fundraiser like Maple, click here.

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