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Victory for farm animals in the final version of the Farm Bill


World Animal Protection applauds the Farm Bill conference report released yesterday by the House-Senate conference committee which includes major wins for animal welfare.

Following months of negotiations, the Farm Bill Conference Committee finally reached an agreement, and the King Amendment is nowhere to be found in the final version of the Bill. 

The omission of the King Amendment is a huge victory for farm animals all over the nation. It was proposed to block states from imposing stricter animal welfare rules and would ultimately have lowered the standard of agriculture production laws. Now states like California, who have passed tough farm animal laws like Proposition 2, won’t be undermined by other states that have lower food production standards and no animal welfare laws in place. 

Thank you to all our supporters who urged their local congress to remove the King Amendment from the final version of the Farm Bill.Your voice has helped to maintain higher standards for animals and livestock across the United States.

In addition to protecting states laws on farm animals, the Farm Bill also includes a provision that makes it a Federal crime to bring children 16 and under to any animal fight – another major win for animal welfare.  

The final report will be sent to the House and Senate for a final vote this week. Although the Farm Bill has many questionable provisions, we are pleased that these crucial animal welfare issues are included and we support Congress in passing it. 

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