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Before they book: letting tourists know the truth before they book their vacation


We're launching a new campaign, targeting tourists who are searching for animal experiences online, to let them know the truth about animal suffering before they book.

Before they book: letting tourists know the truth 

From elephant rides, to walking with lions, taking selfies with tigers and swimming with dolphins, wild animal attractions are a part of too many holidays. Yet tourists are largely unaware of the cruelty that goes on behind the scenes. 

Tourists might not think that riding an elephant or walking with lions does any harm. But the brutal truth is that breaking wild animals' spirits to a point that they will accept interaction with people, involves cruelty at every turn: snatching them from their parents in the wild, or breeding them in captivity; transporting them; keeping them in inadequate conditions and beating them to break their wills. 

Targeting animal-lovers before they book

Global research shows a startling result: nearly 50% of people who pay for a wild animal experience do so because they love animals. But we know that if these people were aware of the abuse that took place behind the scenes, they wouldn't dream of taking part.

That's why, today, on World Animal Day, we're launching an exciting new campaign: Before they book - targeting tourists who are searching for these kinds of attractions, to let them know the truth, before they book.

Our CEO Mike Baker says: "Right now thousands of tourists are searching for wild animal attractions, simply unaware of the abuse behind the scenes. What they don’t realise is that ‘once in a lifetime’ for them, means a lifetime of misery for wild animals."

Take action now: let tourists know the truth before they book.

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