Survivors at home in special sanctuary for disabled bears

Survivors at home in special sanctuary for disabled bears


Bear baiting could be the very definition of barbarism. Some bears at our Balkasar sanctuary in Pakistan have suffered so badly in their former lives that they cannot forage for food or fend for themselves among the other rescued bears in the main enclosure.

But thanks to you, we have built a dedicated enclosure for disabled bears – a lush, half-acre with shrubs and trees, climbing frames, shaded areas and pools.

The disabled bear enclosure is currently home to four bears. Blind bears six-year-old Chowti and 10-year-old Pooh share with 11-year-old Maori who has a paralyzed back leg and six- year-old Lala who has a big hole in her muzzle.

Sanctuary manager Madeeha Manzoor says; “It’s very sad to think that if we had not rescued them, they would still be expected to fight in the baiting ring by their owners – despite their disabilities.”

We asked Madeeha how the new residents are settling in:

“It’s so lovely to see the bears so happy in this new enclosure. And when bears are happy – when they aren’t fearing for their life – their individual characters shine through. Maori and Lala love the shade, Chowti loves sitting by the pool and dipping her paws into the water, and they all have their favorite snoozing places.”

For the first time in years, Chowti and Pooh can move around their new home in confidence. Here they can paddle with Maori, and scratch their backs on the trees with Lala. Their differences from the other bears in the sanctuary doesn't mean they are less happy in their newfound freedom.

Thank you for everything you are doing to help us change the lives of bears like Maori, Lala, Chowti and Pooh.

Learn more about all we're doing as we try to create a better tomorrow for bears - rescuing them from unimaginable pain in the "sport" of bear baiting.

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