Supporter Spotlight: Two minutes with animal advocates Gary & Laura Walden


Meet Gary and Laura - advocates who are taking action to make a difference - and learn more about their latest endeavor P.A.W.'s (Protecting Animals Worldwide)!

When did you first become a member of World Animal Protection and what inspired you to give?

We became members just this year, however, have followed the organization for a while. We have been involved in other aspects of helping animals, such as dog rescues. (We have Newfoundlands)

Please list three things you like or find most enjoyable about your membership with

World Animal Protection?

First, the easy navigation of their website makes it informative/educational. This brings to the forefront some situations that may need more attention because of the expected impact and time sensitivity. The second is the “IMPACT” each situation has, answering questions like - What’s going? Where is it happening? What has the organization done (with your donations) to help? The third is the “Awareness” they bring to everyone on a global level. Therefore, on a global level, we can all make a difference by taking action.

What do you see as the most valuable/ impactful aspect of your membership to World Animal Protection?

For us, it’s being able to do something about it - to take action. You can’t help but feel compassion and a desire to help these voiceless creatures. When you’re aware of what’s going on, you take action to stop the suffering and horrible inhumane treatment of animals all over the world (including right here in the U.S.) It’s the feeling of responsibility, compassion and love of all animals that make it impossible to turn your head away and make believe animal cruelty isn’t happening. We have the ability to take action and stop animal cruelty!

Do you have a specific campaign you’re most passionate about? And why?

Since we’re dog lovers to start (bred and have Newfoundlands), we tend to have a soft spot when comes to the horrible treatment of dogs, so we're particularly invested in putting an end to the inhumane culling of dogs in Bangladesh. However, we run our fundraising events to help all animals. This is why we took action and started “P.A.W.'s" (Protecting Animals World-wide) at to help raise money that goes directly to World Animal Protection.

Why do you think animal welfare matters?

One word, …“compassion”. As humans, we have the ability to take action and end suffering for all animals (and humans) if we take the  time to do so. Animals of every kind provide the world with a balance and beauty that can’t be man-made once they are gone. Our thoughts are, if everyone ran just one fundraiser, (info and assistance can be provided by World Animal Protection for first-timers. It's easy, it's fun and it makes a difference!) or donated the cost of a lunch, multiple lives could be saved. Does the average person know how fast it is to donate? Less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds (I timed it…several times).


Step 1: Brown-bag your lunch

Step 2: Spend LESS than 3 minutes and donate the cost of a lunch (ask a friend to do the same)

Step 3: Smile and feel great! You made a difference by taking action!

(Repeat steps 1-3)

To learn more about Gary’s fundraising, please contact us at (646) 783-2200 or