Remembering the animal survivors of Japan three years later


Today marks the third anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. As we reflect on the devastating impact of the disaster, it is an opportunity to remember the animal survivors, and the communities that care for them.

In the critical period in the aftermath of the earthquake, a World Animal Protection disaster response team was immediately on the ground to support local animals groups and veterinarians in providing emergency medical treatment. 

Following an assessment to determine the greatest need, our efforts focused on setting up 30 temporary pet shelters situated near existing human evacuation centers, so the animals could be close to their owners. We provided tents, feeding bowls, pet food, veterinary services and other essential equipment. Owners could then continue to walk, clean, feed and care for their animals. This helped to alleviate the great challenge faced by Japanese authorities to provide temporary housing for both evacuees and their pets. 

The situation served to highlight the importance for authorities to include animals in their emergency evacuation plans. With more and more natural disasters taking place each year, World Animal Protection is working with governments around the globe to include animals in their disaster preparedness planning. We’re also providing training to communities affected by major disasters so that they can better care for and protect their animals when a disaster strikes. 

Earlier this year, we played a critical part in helping animals in communities in Indonesia that were affected when Mount Sinabung erupted after 400 years of inactivity. Visit our Animals in Disasters blog to learn more about our response and how we’re helping animals and communities all over the world. 

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