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We are celebrating! It’s the 10th year of our education work and we’re marking it by releasing a 3rd edition Concepts in Animal Welfare tool – our very successful, comprehensive animal welfare teaching syllabus; that forms part of our Advanced Concepts in Animal Welfare program.

The Concepts in Animal Welfare (known as CAW) syllabus is a major teaching tool for veterinary institutions to ensure that animal welfare science and theory is taught accurately and effectively. It includes up to date scientific findings, bringing teachers and students the latest animal welfare research, law and teaching examples from all over the world. Academically robust and unbiased, CAW allows staff and students to examine all sides of the ethical debate.

This new edition includes modules on disaster management as well as expanded modules on fish welfare. Additionally, the lecturers are supported with an advanced support pack of student activities and learning opportunities.

Ruth de Vere, World Animal Protection, Head of Education said: “High quality veterinary training is essential to enhancing the provision of veterinary care.  If society wants vets to be the guardians of animal welfare and the practitioners of good welfare, then it must be included within their education from the outset. 

We recognize that many veterinary professionals were not trained in animal welfare science themselves and we are providing the most up to date, enlightening, and robust teaching tools to allow educators to fulfil their job effortlessly.”

Previous editions of CAW have been used by over 750 faculties worldwide and it is a highly respected resource with endorsements from the Pan-American Veterinary Association and South-East Asian Veterinary School Association.

Clement Chitedze Banda, Veterinary Lecturer, Mikolongwe College of Veterinary Sciences in Malawi in southeast Africa said: “The resource has helped me and my organization greatly in that we have actually adopted the CAW tool as our main source of animal welfare education...  Your syllabus has been greatly loved. It is amazing to see how advanced animal welfare issues are."

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