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Our Statement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership’s Environment Chapter


In response to the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations announced today, World Animal Protection issued the following statement from Priscilla Ma, U.S. Executive Director of World Animal Protection.

“The Trans-Pacific Partnership’s environment chapter presents a historic opportunity to strengthen international protections for wildlife, including marine animals and wildlife traded illegally. We look forward to the agreement’s final text being published as soon as possible now that negotiations have concluded, and are encouraged to read in the summary that the environment chapter includes enforceable obligations to address wildlife crime, harmful fisheries subsidies, and the illegal harvest and timber trade, which are among the many severe challenges facing Pacific countries. We applaud TPP governments for agreeing to take action to protect endangered and at-risk species, such as elephants and pangolins, through pioneering commitments to combat wildlife trafficking. We commend the Obama Administration's efforts, including those of the U.S. Trade Representative, to use all the tools available to combat illegal wildlife trafficking and its commitment to solving this crisis as a top-level priority. It is our hope that these efforts to spur greater international action to protect wildlife through trade agreements will make a real difference. TPP’s environment chapter stands to be an important step forward for global animal protection. World Animal Protection looks forward to working with the Administration to ensure that TPP delivers real-world benefits for the environment and wildlife.”

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