A puppy is seen among debris of houses destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan, in Tacloban city, Philippines - December 2013.

Our disaster response teams are protecting animals in the Philippines and Cabo Verde


After Typhoon Hagupit hit the Philippines and volcanic eruptions decimated Fogo Island in Cabo Verde, our disaster response teams have been deployed in full force to protect animals.

Earlier this month Typhoon Hagupit hit the Philippines, bringing with it the memories of Haiyan – Philippines’ deadliest typhoon in modern history. Last year we were there to care for, feed and protect animals in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan and our response team has once again been deployed in the wake of Hagupit.

Thankfully the impacts of the recent Typhoon Hagupit have not been as severe as last year’s Haiyan. However Masbate Island, lying in the center of the Philippine islands, has been badly hit - leaving thousands of animals in need of urgent care.

Caring for animals on Masbate Island, Philippines

Our Asia-Pacific response team is now based on Masbate Island and is preparing to work with local authorities and veterinary volunteers to deliver feed, medicine and treatment to the difficult to reach rural areas of the island. Over 15,000 cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats urgently need our help as they suffer from extreme stress, disease and malnutrition.

As one of the poorest provinces in the Philippines, Masbate Island residents rely heavily on agriculture and the animals involved. Our assessments have shown that up to 90% of the households in the most affected areas own farm animals. As crops and fisheries have been devastated by the typhoon, the pressure on the remaining farm animals is greatly increased. Without our response, both the animals and communities relying on them would suffer greatly.

We will be updating our social media channels as the situation unfolds further so keep an eye on our Facebook page or Twitter feed over the coming days.

Fogo, Cabo Verde

As communities in the Phillipines are recovering from the impacts of Typhoon Hagupit, 15,000 km away animals on Fogo, Cabo Verde are suffering an altogether different but equally devastating disaster. Volcanic eruptions on the island have devastated large areas through lava flow and heavy ash deposits and its residents have been evacuated to safer parts of the island. Sadly thousands of animals were unable to be evacuated and remain in vulnerable sections of the island.

A second response team has been deployed by us to Fogo to provide emergency care and assess the situation for those animals left behind. Working together with local authorities, we hope to protect as many lives as we possibly can. We will updating our social media channels with our progress on Fogo also, so make sure you follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Help protect animals in disasters 

Without your help we would not be able to respond to the thousands of animals on Masbate and Fogo who urgently need our care.

Please donate today to ensure we can continue to protect the lives of animals who suffer as the result of natural disasters.  

Without your help we would not be able to respond to the thousands of animals on Masbate and Fogo who urgently need our care.

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