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Nestlé and World Animal Protection will change animals’ lives


We are pleased to announce that we have signed a worldwide partnership with one of the world’s biggest food brands, Nestlé. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to improve the lives of millions of farm animals around the world.

Nestlé made a commitment in 2012, which guides their efforts to ensure good animal welfare throughout its global food supply chains and across all product sectors. Together we can grow Nestlé’s expertise on animal protection as a vital part of its Responsible Sourcing Strategy. Our focus is to ensure the highest possible levels of welfare for the rearing and caring of the millions of animals involved in global food production. We are confident our joined forces will have a positive impact for animals.

The partnership doesn’t only impact Nestlé, it’s a loud and clear message to all involved in the food industry – the humane treatment of animals should be at the heart of all businesses. We believe that consumers have a right to expect this of the companies that provide our food.

This is an exciting time for us and we look forward to updating you on the progress and positive impact this partnership will have.  

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