Massachusetts bans shark fin trade


Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick officially signed a law banning the possession and sale of shark fins.

This bill (H4088) is a critical step forward in ending the global shark fin trade. Shark finning is a cruel and unnecessary practice that threatens global shark populations and the health of fragile ocean ecosystems. Finning is the inhumane practice of slicing off the shark’s fins and throwing the animal back into the sea, still alive. The sharks, unable to remain in motion, then starve to death or drown.

Every year, an estimated 26-73 million sharks are killed to meet the increasing demand for shark fin soup - a rate that could soon threaten one-third of all shark species with extinction. 

Elizabeth Hogan, World Animal Protection Campaigns Manager for Oceans and Wildlife Manager said, “This is a great victory, helping to protect an endangered species and showing that animal welfare is an important issue that will be taken seriously”.

Thank you to all of our supporters who urged Massachusetts legislators to support this important bill. By taking action, we are one step closer to moving the world to protect sharks.

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