Just in time for National Dog Day, an update on Pam the Puppy


Do you remember Pam? She was moments away from dying when our disaster team found her days after devastating Cyclone Pam swept through the small Asia-Pacific nation of Vanuatu in March.

She was severely dehydrated, struggling to breathe, and unable to lift her head. Our vet, Nort, was able to provide immediate treatment that saved her life. Within the first ten minutes of administering the treatment, Pam displayed a visible shift. She attempted to stand up and nuzzle the vets who were treating her. Before the team left, they taught Pam’s owner how to administer the treatment on his own. 

Our team went back to Vanuatu earlier this month to follow up with the many animals they helped, including Pam. When they arrived, they no longer saw a weak, sickly puppy. Just five months later, Pam is now healthy and bright-eyed. She even greeted the team with enthusiastic tail wagging!


Without your support, we would have never been able to provide the treatment that saved Pam’s life. You made it possible for her to live the life she deserves.