A happy ending for Paddington!


Paddington, named after the popular children’s book character, is the newest resident at the Romania bear sanctuary we help fund. His story is different than most other bears in the sanctuary.

Earlier this year, we were notified of a young bear cub running through the streets of a large city in central Romania. The community alerted authorities of the cub, because they thought he posed a threat to the populated area of Sibiu – a city in Transylvania, Central Romania. He was found jumping fences and hiding in the streets.

At only a year and two months old, he normally would still be taken care of by his mother but Paddington was alone to defend himself. Sadly, we do not know what happened to Paddington’s mother. When our partner organization’s rescue team arrived to take him to safety, they noticed his glossy fur – indicating to them that Paddington may have been domesticated, which explained his familiarity with people.

Our partners quickly loaded Paddington into the transportation cage, where he seemed excited to discover apples hidden in the straw bedding. After arriving at the sanctuary, he received a full veterinary check-up, was neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and released into our peaceful sanctuary.

Paddington, now one of the youngest residents at the sanctuary, is enjoying his newfound freedom – playing with other bears and staying away from the city streets. 

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Image: Paddington enjoying eating apples in the transportation cage on his way to the World Animal Protection funded Romania sanctuary. 

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