Disaster response on the Prinzapolka River


Last month, our disaster response teams began working with communities in the North Atlantic Autonomous region (RAAN) of Nicaragua, following a series of tropical storms. Serious flooding has affected thousands of animals in 15 rural communities along the Prinzapolka River.

Communications Manager, Marco Calvo, has been chatting with our team there to find out how our work with leaders of Miskito indigenous communities is providing veterinary care and ‘preparedness’ measures, in the event of future disasters

“'It used to be, that when an animal got sick we couldn’t do anything, just wait for it to die because we didn’t know about taking care of it. But now that they gave us these training things will be different. Now we’re not going to let them die. As leader, I feel very happy because I’m going to be able to help in my community.' Those are the words of Demzy Hodgson, a 43-year-old Miskito native after receiving training organised by the World Animal Protection Disaster Management unit in his community of Prinzapolka, one of the impoverished settlements severely affected by flooding..." Read the full story on our Animals in Disasters blog.

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