animal friendly living

6 Tips For Animal-Friendly Living


We believe that wild animals should live in the wild and be safe from suffering caused by people.

Below are our six tips for an animal-friendly lifestyle. By following these, you and your family and friends can help to protect our beautiful wildlife. 

  1. Only visit animal-friendly attractions.View wildlife where it belongs – in the wild. Many zoos and marine parks keep animals in poor conditions with their basic needs denied. Activities like swimming with dolphins may appear fun and educational but are unnatural and stressful for the animals involved.
  2. Never purchase products made from wild animals, including all fur, ivory, shells, seahorses, teeth, rhino horn and turtle shell products.   
  3. When on holiday never pay to have your picture taken posing with a wild animal. Many of these animals have been taken from the wild and their mothers killed. They may be drugged, harshly trained or have had their teeth removed to ensure they ‘behave’ around tourists    
  4. Don’t be tempted to try the local cuisine if it includes wild animals.   
  5. Avoid wild animal rides. Poor care and inappropriate equipment means rides on all types of animals – including camels and elephants – can perpetuate cruelty.
  6. Book a responsible wildlife watching tour. Look for a company with an ethical code of conduct which ensures that wild animals are not harmed or stressed by the tour.    
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