World Animal Protection and CIWF Briefing Looks at Farm Animal Welfare and Human Health



Diseases that infect animals can also be passed on to humans. These are known as zoonotic diseases.

As farming methods have become more intensive, there are an increasing number of animals reared in confined space with breeding and feeding approaches designed to increase production. It is often at the expense of the animals' welfare but it's also putting human health at risk by increasing exposure to certain diseases, which can lead to serious and sometimes fatal illness in humans. 

A new briefing, Zoonotic Diseases, Human Health and Farm Animal Welfare (PDF 6MB, 16 pages) produced by the World Animal Protection and Compassion in World Farming, examines some of the most common diseases that infect animals and can also be passed to humans, assess the causes and risks to humans and farm animals, and outlines important tools to battle against zoonotic diseases. 

Download the briefing here: Zoonotic Diseases, Human Health and Farm Animal Welfare(PDF 6MB, 16 pages) 

Recent Press Release:New Report on Zoonotic Diseases Highlights Dire Consequences of Intensive Farming Practices on the Health of Animals and People

Case Study:Humane and Sustainable Beef in the US (PDF 542KB, 4 pages) Find out how a ranch that moved from producing calves for feedlots to organically rearing grass-finished cattle is achieving high productivity, excellent levels of animal welfare and supporting local jobs and livelihoods.