Pictured: A North American black bear and her cubs in a tree.

What We’re Up to in 2022



Our campaigns team has a lot of exciting work in store for the year ahead. Check out what we’re cooking up!

Wildlife. Not Pets

We will be escalating pressure on PetSmart to stop selling wild animal species in their stores. This practice contributes to the cruel multibillion-dollar trade that exploits wild animals on an industrial scale. Trade of wild animals can also lead to the spread of zoonotic disease and illnesses, and the CDC warns that reptiles and amphibians are inappropriate for families with young children. As one of the largest pet retail chains in the US, PetSmart has the power to make significant change for animals. Join us in sending a message to PetSmart executives to stop the sale of reptiles and amphibians in their stores as a start.

Stay tuned for more ways to protect wild animals from being used as pets and end the wildlife trade.

Wildlife. Not Entertainers

Following our campaign victory moving Expedia – the world’s largest travel company – to stop selling tickets to dolphin shows, we will continue pushing the tourism industry to a tipping point. Keep up on upcoming announcements on new campaign activities that protect animals held captive for human entertainment by joining the pod

Are you looking to take an animal-friendly trip in 2022? Check out Dana Point, California, the first Whale Heritage Site in the US

No Future for Factory Farming

We are expanding our work protecting farmed animals by fighting to transform our food system into one that is humane, sustainable, equitable, and healthy. Factory farming relies on several cheap inputs that are harmful to farmed animals, people, and the planet. By undermining these inputs, we can stop factory farming in its tracks. Antibiotics, for example, are given to animals in their feed and water as a cheap way to maintain low-welfare practices like overcrowding, cage confinement, physical mutilations, and excessive growth. We will continue working with companies and pressuring the FDA to eliminate this practice.

And stay tuned later this month for a new resource on how mass production of corn and soy for feeding farmed animals is harming animals, both farmed and wild.

Food Revolution

Our work to foster a food revolution started with a bang in 2022 when KFC expanded its trial of plant-based fried chicken to all 4,000 locations nationwide. This came after 18 months of our campaigning against the company, and you can help us push KFC further by encouraging them to make the plant-based chicken a permanent menu item

There will be more exciting news for those participating in our Meating Halfway program, so sign up now if you haven’t already to be on top of future updates. And, be on the lookout for fun opportunities to taste new plant-based products following the success of our New York City food truck last year.

Global Sanctuaries

We will continue to support sanctuaries for rescued and protected animals worldwide. For example, we will be launching a project at our elephant sanctuaries in Thailand to grow feed for the elephants on-site, lowering the costs and keeping them healthy. Join The Wild Side to stay up to date on our rescue work!


Want more details on these and other activities? Meet our campaigns team and hear more about the activities mentioned above by viewing our recent webinar.

Stay tuned for more ways to help protect wild and farmed animals.