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Reason to Celebrate: KFC Trials Plant-Based Chicken On Menus Nationwide



Thanks to your support, KFC is now offering plant-based chicken at all their locations nationwide.

As the plant-based industry grows and more Americans choose to eat less meat, the world’s second-largest restaurant just made it easier for them to do so. KFC, the chain best known for its fried chicken, just announced it will be trialing the plant-based Beyond Fried Chicken at all 4,000 of its locations nationwide starting this month.

For the past 18 months, World Animal Protection has run a positive influence campaign during which our supporters urged the famous fried chicken chain to expand its limited test of plant-based chicken from a few dozen stores to every one of its locations, and these efforts have paid off. Starting this month, customers will be able to try Beyond Fried Chicken, a meat-free protein option, at every KFC location in the US.

Tweet from World Animal Protection urging KFC to have a plant based option.

Source: Twitter / @MoveTheWorldUS

Not only is this great news for vegans, vegetarians, or those looking to eat less meat, but it is also a big win for the billions of chickens who suffer at factory farms to supply the food industry with cheap meat. Chickens raised for meat are some of the most abused animals on the planet, and more than 8 billion of them are killed for food each year in the US. More delicious plant-based versions of popular products on restaurant menus nationwide can help lessen the demand for animal products and reduce the number of animals bred to suffer at factory farms. What’s more, plant-based options have wide environmental benefits as they are much less resource-intensive to produce than their animal counterparts.

By reducing the demand for meat, World Animal Protection expects that factory farms can start being phased out, creating a shift towards farming practices that are more sustainable and kinder to animals.

World Animal Protection applauds KFC for taking this step forward and encourages the company to make the Beyond Fried Chicken a permanent staple on its menu, ensuring its impact on animals, people, and the environment, are long-lasting. Join us in asking KFC to make their new plant-based menu item permanent.

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