We Celebrated Earth Day With Our “Wild Animals Aren’t Pets” Kids’ Activity Book



For Earth Day 2023, hundreds of children attended Keep it Wild! at the Brown Family Environmental Center in Ohio to learn about protecting wildlife and pick up a free copy of our “Wild Animals Aren’t Pets” Kids’ Activity Book.

Kenyon College’s Brown Family Environmental Center, a 610-acre preserve in the Kokosing River Valley of Central Valley, works to conserve natural diversity and engage people of all ages with nature. On April 22, they hosted the event Keep it Wild! in honor of Earth Day. The event showcased local organizations, performances, and activities for kids on the theme of conservation and protecting wild animals.

kenyan college

Building bluebird boxes and bat houses.

Wild Animals Don’t Belong in Our Homes

After seeing our Wild Animals Aren’t Pets! Kids’ Activity Book online, the center asked World Animal Protection if they could use it at their event.  Our activity book explains why wild animals belong in the wild—and should never be purchased at a pet store—using custom-illustrated coloring pages, fun games, and ideas for how kids can help wild animals in their community. It’s the perfect addition to nature events geared toward children.

kenyan college

Learning how water is filtered through the ground.

We were thrilled to donate 200 printed copies of the book to share with attendees so they’d have a resource to bring home and keep learning about wild animals.

Download and print your free copy of our Wild Animals Aren’t Pets! book and share it with a child in your life.

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