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Wild Animals Aren’t Pets!—Kid’s Activity Book

World Animal Protection’s activity book Wild Animals Aren’t Pets! explains why wild animals belong in the wild—and should never be purchased at a pet store.

Children will learn about wild animals and the wildlife trade through:

  • Beautifully illustrated coloring pages
  • Fun games including a crossword puzzle, maze, and word search
  • Hands-on ideas for how kids can help wild animals in their community

Inspired and want to do more?

  • If you’re an educator or work with kids, we’d love for you to use this resource! Reach out to learn about getting printed copies or incorporating the activity book into your work.
  • We’re urging PetSmart to exit the wildlife trade, starting with ending the sale of reptiles and amphibians. Amp up the pressure on PetSmart by tweeting a photo of a completed coloring page and tagging @PetSmart. You can also mail the page to PetSmart’s headquarters with the message, “Animals aren’t products – take the first step to exiting the wildlife trade by ending the sale of reptiles and amphibians!”

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