Trapped for 23 Years in a Cage: Fighting for Baloo’s Freedom



A bear named Baloo has been locked up in a cage at a ski resort in Romania for 23 years. Now, supporters from around the world are joining forces to rescue him.

Help Us Free Baloo the Bear!

Baloo, a 23-year-old bear, is trapped in a decaying enclosure at a ski resort in Romania.

From the time he was a small cub, he’s been mistreated and discarded like an object, not the feeling and curious bear that he is. For “food,” he’s infrequently tossed cornflakes and lemonade. Children poke at him with sticks in between his bars. Sometimes, people even give him alcohol. This isn’t a life any majestic bear should live. But it’s the only life Baloo has known.

It’s also illegal. Since 2005, private individuals have been banned from possessing bears in Romania. But tragically, the law isn’t being enforced. The resort owner has been fined, but the government has failed to rescue Baloo.

baloo trapped in a cage in Romania

Baloo trapped in an enclosure in Romania.

Baloo’s plight became known around the world after Netherlands TV host Floortje Dessing traveled with photographer Jasper Doest for the show Floortje Goes Along to document Baloo’s conditions. Dessing recently noted:

“It has been over a year since we visited Baloo. It’s sad to realize that all this time he’s still been languishing in his cage, and nothing has changed. The pressure on the Romanian government must be increased. They are the only ones who can give Baloo his freedom back, as the [ski resort] owner refuses for the time being.”

We’re urging the Romanian government to transfer Baloo to our partner bear sanctuary, Millions of Friends Association (AMP) in Libearty, Romania. With 69 acres of lush woodland, meadows, and ponds at AMP, Baloo can finally live his life in peace.

Help us call on the Romanian government to transfer Baloo to sanctuary as soon as possible. All you have to do is sign the petition. The more compassionate people who sign, the more pressure we can put on the Romanian government. Sign now.

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