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Plant-Based Launches Abound in 2022 Making it Easy to Reduce Meat Consumption



Consumers have more and more options to maintain their plant-based habits.

Whether you decided to reduce your meat consumption in the new year or have been following a plant-based diet for a while, the food industry is showing it is ready and willing to respond to the rising demand for plant-based products. In fact, recent reports show that a large number of consumers now expect plant-based options, even among groups that identify as meat-eaters.

Below are some of the most prominent plant-based launches so far this year that can make it easier for you to access plant-based foods when eating out:

1. KFC expands its trial of plant-based chicken nationwide.

All 4,000 KFC locations in the US are offering plant-based Beyond Fried Chicken for a limited time. Take action to ask KFC to make this addition permanent!

2. IHOP trials fully plant-based breakfast sandwiches at one location.

World Animal Protection supporters have been asking IHOP to introduce a plant-based menu option since 2020. The sandwich, made with Just Egg and plant-based sausage, is being trialed at one Flip’d by IHOP location in NYC and may expand nationwide.

ihop plant based sandwich advertised on their instagram

Source: @flipdny / Instagram

3. Wienerschnitzel trials plant-based hot dogs nationwide.

The world’s largest hot dog chain partnered with Field Roast to launch its veggie dogs, citing consumer demand as a catalyst for these additions.

4. Pret A Manger launches a meatless meatball wrap at its 42 US locations.

Made with Meatless Farm’s plant-based meatballs, this first-of-its-kind fully plant-based menu item is sure to satisfy your meatball craving.

5. Blimpie temporarily adds plant-based meatball sub to its menu.

Made with Gardein meatballs, this sub isn’t entirely plant-based as it contains dairy cheese, but it’s a great step forward for the Sub shop.

6. McDonald’s trials McPlant burger at hundreds of locations.

The McPlant was originally trialed at only 8 locations, but it can now be found at more than 600 San Francisco and Dallas locations.

7. Chipotle adds plant-based chorizo to its menu nationwide for a limited time.

The company is going all out by advertising their new plant-based chorizo on national television.

Source: @Chipotle Mexican Grill / Youtube

8. Donatos adds plant-based pepperoni pizza at 170 locations.

This pizza uses plant-based Field Roast pepperoni slices to appeal to meat lovers looking to reduce their consumption of animal products.

9. Fuddruckers adds plant-based cheese options at select locations.

The only Black-owned burger franchise in the US is now offering its customers a fully plant-based grilled cheese sandwich made with GOOD PLANeT Food’s line of cheeses. Customers can choose from three different flavors of cheese and can even opt to add them to their burgers or salads.

10. Casa Verde, a brand-new plant-based line, launches Latin-inspired meals.

Casa Verde offers four ready-to-cook, shelf-stable meals meant to honor traditional Latin dishes and make them plant-based.

11. Good Catch launches plant-based salmon burgers.

The brand famous for its offerings of plant-based seafood products has just introduced salmon burgers that can be found in the freezer aisle of grocery stores.

We are thrilled to be witnessing the expansion and mainstreaming of plant-based eating and believe that together, we can help create a shift toward a kinder, more sustainable food system that does not rely on cruel factory farming.

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