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Make National Fried Chicken Day a Day of Action



Chickens are one of the most intensively farmed animals on the planet with roughly 9 billion chickens raised for meat each year in the US alone. July 6 is National Fried Chicken Day—let’s use it to build better lives for billions of birds.

Chickens are incredible animals. They have great memories, can solve puzzles, and their decisions are informed by past experiences. They show empathy when other chickens are hurt or happy and they have vivid dreams. 

But the billions of chickens raised on factory farms live short lives full of unnecessary suffering.  Chickens raised for meat today are bred for rapid growth and given high-energy diets—primarily corn and soy—to force even greater weight gain. This extreme growth causes weak bones, painful joints, organ failure, and immobility. The chickens are tightly packed into barns to maximize capacity leading to poor sanitation, hazardous ammonia levels, and virulent diseases. 

So, for National Fried Chicken Day this year, let’s call for an end to factory farming and hold chicken companies accountable for a shift to more humane and sustainable production. 

Here are four ways you can take action. 

1. There’s perhaps no chicken chain in the US more iconic than KFC. The Colonel is a household name, and the companys branding is ubiquitous. KFC purchases meat from millions of chickens to supply its 3,981 US locations. Globally, KFC is making progress towards sourcing higher-welfare chicken for customers in several countries. But for some reason, it is leaving US customers and chickens in the dust.  

Join us in calling KFC to demand it improve the lives of chickens in its supply chain! 

2. There’s another way KFC can make an impact for chickens: by adding plant-based chicken options to its menus nationwide. The company has trialed meatless chicken in certain regions, and it’s high time it rolls it out for everyone. By providing a meat-free option for vegetarians and omnivores alike, KFC can help reduce the extreme demand for chicken meat that is driving factory farming practices and better position itself to raise chickens with higher welfare. 

Write to KFC today, letting the company know you want a plant-based item on the menu! 

3. Choose to cook a plant-based chicken meal for National Fried Chicken Day (or any day!). Check out this blog post for some delicious recipe suggestions. 

4. Tell your federal legislators to support the national phaseout of large factory animal farms proposed by the Farm Systems Reform Act.

Thank you for joining us in making today National (Higher Welfare or Plant-Based) Fried Chicken Day! 

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