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How to Give the Gift of Giving



This holiday season, give your loved ones the gift of a donation in their name.

It’s hard to find the right gift for everyone on your holiday list. If you know any animal lovers, we have a great gift idea for you: gifting your loved one with a donation in their name. Here are a couple of ways to give the gift of giving.

Make a gift in someone’s name

Make a donation in that special someone’s name. You can do it once or commit to a monthly donation for however long works for you.

Sign them up for the Wild Side

Interested in donating monthly on someone’s behalf? Join The Wild Side, our monthly giving program that includes a welcome pack of some great World Animal Protection merch. You can make this donation in someone else’s name and gift them the welcome pack to top it all off.

Check out our corporate partners

If you know you want to gift something physical, check out our corporate partners, many of whom sell merchandise with a percentage of the profit going to us. Whether you’re looking for hats, backpacks, or other fun holiday gifts, our corporate partners have the item for you.

Looking for other ways to celebrate the holidays in a way that benefits animals? Check out our favorite plant-based holiday dessert recipes!

Here are a couple of ways to give the gift of giving.