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GetYourGuide Sells Animals Cruelty, We’re Urging It to Stop



Berlin-based travel company GetYourGuide sells animal cruelty, and we’re urging it to stop.

There’s a new travel company in town and it’s called GetYourGuide. Based in Berlin, Germany, GetYourGuide sells tours, attractions, and activities around the world. Unfortunately, this includes experiences where wild animals are exploited for entertainment and profit. SeaWorld, elephant rides, and illegitimate sanctuaries are just a few of the cruel options sold on its website.  

Up until this year, GetYourGuide wasn’t a very popular travel company in the United States, but leadership is adamant about changing that. After raising over $1 billion in startup funding and rolling out national TV ads during the Academy Awards to build its presence, GetYourGuide isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  

Keep reading below to learn more about GetYourGuide and our campaign to stop it from profiting from animal suffering.  

What is GetYourGuide? 

Founded in Germany by three college students, GetYourGuide sells over 118,000locally-vetted, expertly-curated experiences” in 150 countries. Similar to the US-based company (and its competition) Viator, GetYourGuide encourages travelers to book experiences online rather than offline. The company also commonly uses the tagline “make memories” to reel in new customers.  

Sounds great, right? Except, GetYourGuide is making misery for the animals held captive at venues it promotes and has ignored our outreach 

Our campaign

After discovering GetYourGuide’s plans to launch national TV ads in the US, our team quickly launched a public campaign the week before the Academy Awards. We sent an email action to company leadership and published an awards-themed Instagram post:  

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In response, our post received close to 1,000 likes and over 100 comments with supporters tagging GetYourGuide. Stay tuned for more upcoming campaign actions!

Get involved

Help us stop GetYourGuide from “making misery” by getting involved with our campaign. There are two ways you can help:

  1. Take our one-click email action and urge company leadership to prohibit the sale of cruel wildlife experiences and publish a public animal welfare policy that protects animals.
  1. Sign up to be a social media volunteer. As a new and upcoming travel company in the US, GetYourGuide cares about its brand image. This offers an opportunity for our campaign to make a big impact. Sign up here 
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