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Dolphins in Captivity Endure Seven Stages of Suffering in Their Tragic Lives



Over 3,000 dolphins are currently trapped in cruel captive conditions at tourist entertainment venues around the world. They can live for over 50 years in a deeply miserable cycle of suffering, all to profit the multibillion-dollar dolphin tourism industry.

Behind every captive dolphin’s smile is trauma.  

We’re looking forward to a future where we can travel again, but as tourism returns, the cruelty must not.   

This is why we’re relaunching our campaign to demand Expedia Group stops profiting from dolphin cruelty.   

Expedia Group, one of the world’s largest travel companies, markets itself as a ‘force for good.’ How can this be true when the venues they promote and sell tickets to hold dolphins cruelly captive for people’s entertainment?   

Expedia Group is supporting an industry built on suffering.  

Once you’ve read through the seven stages of suffering and seen the reality captive dolphins live through, we urge you to share this article on social media, tag @Expedia, and use the hashtag #NotEntertainers.   

Join the Pod, and together, we can make this the last generation of dolphins in captivity.   

Seven Stages of Suffering

1 – Most dolphins in the tourism industry are bred in captivity, instantly born into a long life of constant misery just so the travel industry and individuals can profit.  

Seven Stages of Suffering

2 – Dolphin calves are separated from their mothers at a very young age, distressing and traumatizing for both mother and baby.  

Seven Stages of Suffering

3 – Captive dolphins are kept in permanent tanks 200,000 times smaller than their home range in the wild.  

Seven Stages of Suffering

4 – The smooth, featureless tanks dolphins are confined in give them no mental stimulation, no way to act out their natural behaviors, and no place to retreat from staring tourists.  

Seven Stages of Suffering

5 – Dolphins are deprived of food as a training method, meaning they’re left with little choice but to perform for frozen dead fish.  

Seven Stages of Suffering

6 – Many captive dolphins grind their teeth down, bob their heads, and swim in circles due to the unnatural, stressful captive conditions.  

Seven Stages of Suffering

7 – Captive dolphins can live for over 50 years, repeating a cruel cycle of frustration, stress, and misery for decades until their tragic lives end.  


Help us end the suffering and support a dolphin-friendly future where dolphins live wild and free as they should be.  

Please share these seven stages of suffering and demand Expedia Group do the right thing for dolphins. Remember to tag @Expedia Group and use the hashtag #NotEntertainers.  

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Help us end the suffering and support a dolphin-friendly future where dolphins live wild and free as they should be.  

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