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Devastating Deals: How Groupon Profits from Wild Animal Abuse



Wild animals are suffering in small, barren cages in roadside zoos and marine amusement parks across the US. But these venues aren’t the only ones profiting from animal exploitation — Groupon also profits when it features discounted deals for these venues on its website.

As one of the largest travel companies in the US, Groupon sells deals to venues that exploit animals for profit. Some of these include roadside zoos, petting zoos, and marine amusement parks, where animals suffer and sometimes die due to mistreatment.

That’s why we are urging Groupon to stop offering deals to venues that offer interactions with wild animals and/or captive animal performances. We are also asking the company to adopt an animal welfare policy that protects wild animals.

Perhaps one of the most well-known of these venues is Miami Seaquariam where Tokitae, also known as “Lolita,” a female orca, has been held in what is reportedly the smallest tank in the world for more than 50 years. Tokitae has endured injuries, dirty water, and more during her time at the Miami Seaquarium. Yet Groupon sells discounted tickets to encourage visitors to support this suffering.

Watch our webinar, “Devastating Deals: How Groupon Profits from Wild Animal Abuse,” to learn more about how Groupon profits from animal cruelty, and what you can do to put an end to it.

Want to take action? Send an email to Groupon asking it to stop profiting from wild animal suffering.

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