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Bonding With Wildlife: Ethical Experiences That Inspire



Join us as we take you on a journey through wildlife experiences shared by our supporters, highlighting the profound impact of observing animals in their natural environments. Together, we are moving the world to end the suffering of animals. Forever.

We stand firm that viewing animals in captivity can never replicate the profound connection and admiration inspired by observing them roam freely in their natural environments. Captive settings inevitably strip animals of their innate behaviors and leave them as shells of their true selves. We recognize that animals are sentient beings deserving of lives free from the confines of captivity.

Whether it’s witnessing the great megafauna, like lions and tigers, or catching a glimpse of a bird in your yard, observing wildlife from a distance is both an ethical practice and crucial for the well-being of the animals and their natural world. Wild animals thrive in their natural environment when human presence does not disrupt their behaviors and routines. By maintaining a respectful distance, we ensure that they can carry on with their lives.

Lisa Darling, a World Animal Protection supporter who had the privilege of visiting Kruger National Park in South Africa, recounts a remarkable experience. Nestled within the park, she was humbled by the freedom the animals possessed while her group, as respectful guests, found themselves confined to designated areas. It was at dawn when they embarked on an unforgettable jeep ride, venturing out to witness nature’s spectacle.

A defining moment emerged when they came across an elephant mother and her calf. The vulnerability and profoundness of this encounter left an indelible mark on Lisa’s memory. The mother directed her calf safely across the road, and as the little one disappeared into the brush, the mother turned to face the onlooking vehicle. She made a gentle, side-to-side head motion, and turned and disappeared into the brush. To Lisa, this was a message of protection and a reminder of their power and grace.

dana point

Dolphins at Dana Point / Photo credit: Linda Conti

Similarly, Linda Conti relishes the incredible opportunities for whale watching close to her home in Dana Point. The magic of witnessing baleen whales, dolphins, and orcas was undeniable; they moved gracefully through the vast ocean waters. It left a strong impression, reinforcing the notion that they belong in the open ocean.

Dana Point holds a special place in the hearts of many. It was the first Whale Heritage Site in North America—a distinction bestowed upon places with a profound commitment to the protection and welfare of whales and dolphins. World Animal Protection was instrumental in the creation of this designation, to ensure these magnificent creatures are celebrated and safeguarded. Check out Dana Point, a World Animal Protection Whale Heritage Site.

We cherish and celebrate these encounters, understanding the immense impact they have on those fortunate enough to witness them. Our supporters’ decision to embrace wild animals in their natural habitat is another testament to their dedication to animal welfare. In choosing to support our campaigns that prioritize the well-being of animals in the wild, they play a vital role in creating a future where wild animals are free to roam, thrive, and express their natural behaviors without the constraints of captivity.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our supporters, whose unwavering commitment enables us to continue our efforts in protecting wildlife around the world. Join us in safeguarding animals’ lives and habitats by making a donation today.

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